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Our Story

 Alison Crary is a Geisenheim-trained winemaker, whose  passion for Riesling has led her to search high and low for great  Riesling sites in California. Dedicated to the idea, and trained in the  tradition, that the great white wines of the world are made in the  vineyard, she has spent the last six years in Napa and Sonoma counties  discovering the best white wine terroir in the region. 

 Domingo Rodriguez, a Swiss and Spanish national, has  spent his last 20 years serving the global wine industry promoting and  implementing the newest  filtration technologies and providing technical  consulting. He is a co-founder and owner of the largest filtration  service company in North America and is completely dedicated in making  Alison Crary the Queen of California Riesling. 

The Land

At the northerly edge of Napa – Carneros, the Fence Row Block Riesling  grows in loamy gravel-rich soils along the bank of a small creek. The  creek’s mist ensures just the barest hint of botrytis on our “freckled”  grapes, imparting an additional layer of complexity. 

 Dedicated to the idea that white wines have an enduring and captivating character, are full of life and verve, and almost limitless facets of flavors and aromas, Alison and her fiancée, Domingo, have founded a winery that challenges the preconceptions of what white wine can be in America. Paying extraordinarily close attention to clone and soil, orientation and vineyard health, seeking out sites that are destined to perform and to convey a unique character of grape and place, Alison has sought out the few remaining Riesling vineyards in California within which to pioneer the idea that Riesling can reclaim its place among the stars of the wine realm.

Our Wines

Due to high demand, our wines are sold out. Sorry....

There might be a case or two floating around. So just give us a call if you are desperate to taste one of our Rieslings. 

Tasting Notes


The nose of our 2013 Fence Row Block Riesling first offers notes of white flowers, orange zest and coriander, and as the glass warms generous floral aromas unfold along with luscious hints of bright citrus and white peach. On the palate, hints of juicy white stone fruit balance with bracing acidity to create a long, lingering finish reminiscent of ripe Asian pear, clean slate, and honeysuckle.

The nose of our 2010 Fence Row Block Riesling first offers notes of  slate, lime zest and coriander, and as the glass warms generous floral  aromas unfold along with luscious hints of mandarin orange and white  peach. On the palate, hints of juicy white stone fruit balance with  bracing acidity to create a long, lingering finish reminiscent of ripe  Asian pear and orange blossom

Things You Need to KNow

Why love Riesling?

It’s exciting. It dances on your palate. It leads to extraordinary thoughts and conversations. It makes the world come alive. It brightens any day. It is one of the, if not the, most agreeable white wines in the world, getting more complex and exciting with age. It is aromas and flavors captured by sunshine and mineral, and fresh evening breezes in a glass. It has energy and verve like no other wine. It is dynamic, thrilling and exciting. It is an experience that brings your present sharply into focus.  

What We Do

Aromatic white wines! 

Let the grapes, and the terroir in which they are grown, express themselves. Allow every nuance of slope, aspect, site and soil to create poetry for the senses, by weaving complex, daring, exhilarating, vivacious and bright aromas and flavors to bring pleasure to those with whom they are shared. Less of a winemaker, and more of a channel through which the great white wine terroirs of California can be discovered, my philosophy is to recognize great places and vineyards, and the essentially get out of the way. Guide the wine through its metamorphosis to be the ultimate expression of each particular vineyard. Given each specific environment, what will be the truest expression of site and vintage? Bone dry? Botrytized style? Medium sweet and refreshing? Bracingly dry? Light and ethereal?  


We now have a 4 year old child which is taking over the next 16 years of our schedule. We will inform you as soon as we release a new vintage.

Meet the Winemakers: from time to time we hold wine tastings in our kitchen or on our backyard deck. just drop us a line if you would like to be added to the list.

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